Our Mission: Your Safety

CantHack.Us is committed to making the Internet a safer place for everyone. Cyber Security students are leading the initiative to create an organization for the benefit of the public, outlined in the following goals:

Free Website Security Software

We will create and maintain free website security applications in an effort to eliminate malicious activity online. Our security solutions will help website administrators meet or exceed requirements set by industry standards such as PCI and HIPAA.

Educate The Public

We will educate the public about Cyber Security, encouraging best practices and keeping users informed of relevant news, trends, and policy changes.

Utilize Our Community

We will encourage and utilize community feedback to enhance our products and services, returning valuable contributions to aid the public.

Stay Current

We will continue education and stay alert to developing technology, trends, and security breakthroughs in order to maintain relevance as a leader in security solutions.

Discover New Threats

We will participate in and host hacking challenges to encourage discovery of unknown threats and vulnerabilities.

On The Horizon

Here's what to expect from us next:


Free website security applications to aid in the real-time detection and prevention of malicious user activity, detection and removal of malware and malicious processes, and proactive vulnerability testing.


Code vulnerability demonstrations of the most frequent and successful attacks, and details on how to protect against them.


We will begin an education and awareness blog, and provide a forum for community feedback and questions.

Join Us

We need your support to accomplish these goals.

Mailing List

Join our mailing list if you want to stay informed of our progress. We will email you when we have announcements.


Submit a resume if you are a student or professional interested in contributing to our organization. We are seeking talented individuals with a passion for Cyber Security.


Contact us if you want to contribute financially to our success as a startup organization, or if you have information about scholarships available to Cyber Security students.